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Russian, Premium, Tier VII, Medium Tank
T-44-85 2
T-44-85 armor

The T-44-85 will probably become avalible in in the gift shop in 9.1 and in-game in 9.2

Its a T-44 with an 85mm gun. It is very underpowered so it will be buffed and withheld for one patch


Crew: 4

Hitpoints: 1150

Armor hull: 75/75/45

Armor turret: 115/90/75

Maximum weight: 33,3 tons

Ground resistance: 0,8/0,9/1,8

Engine: Continental V-2IS, 520hp

Speed: 51,6/20 km/h

Hull turnrate: 56 deg/s

Turret turnrate: 40

Gun: 85mm S-53 (penetration: 126/167/43)

Ammo: 51

Depression/Elevation: -6/+20

Accuracy: 0,42

Reload time: 4,8s

Aimtime: 2,3s

Viewrange: 370m

Radio: 600m

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