German, Premium, Tier V, Tank Destroyer

Price: ~2000 gold


Hitpoints: 360

Weight: 11,58 tons

Engine power: 300 hp

Power-to-weight: 28,01 hp/t

Maximum speed: 38/10 km/h

Terrain resistance: 0,863/1,055/1,822

Hull traverse: 44 deg/s

Viewrange: 310

Radiorange: 620

Armor: 80/30/20 (yes, the side plates are modelled and are functional)

Gun: 75mm StuK 40 L/48

Penetration: 110/158/38

Damage: 110/110/175

DPM: 1784,2

Reload time: 3,548s

ROF: 16,22

Accuracy: 0,35

Aimtime: 1,6s

Depression: -6

Gun traverse angle: 20 degrees

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