German, Premium, Tier II, Light Tank

In-game description: Fast modification of Panzer II, intended for light divisions, based on cavalry units. Panzer II Ausf.D had a completely new hull and suspension, the turret was borrowed from Panzer I Ausf.C. The suspension included 8 doubled roadwheels of large diameter with individual torsion bar suspension without support rollers. The tanks with improvend suspension elements and with new drive sprockets recieved the designation of Ausf.E. According to various sources, 200-250 Ausf.D and E vehicles were built.


Hitpoints: 210

Weight: 11 tons

Engine power: 140 hp

Power-to-weight: 12,73 hp/t

Maximum speed: 55/20 km/h

Terrain resistance: 0,863/1,151/2,014

Hull traverse: 45 deg/s

Viewrange: 320

Radiorange: 345

Armor – hull: 30/14/14

Armor – turret: 14/14/14

Gun: 20mm KwK 30

Penetration: 23/46

Damage: 11/11

DPM: 1373,5

Shells in autoloader: 10

Time between shots: 0,21s

Reload time of the autoloader: 4,2s

ROF: 124,863

Accuracy: 0,57

Aimtime: 1,4s

Depression: -10

Turret traverse rate: 44 deg/s

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