French, Premium/Reward?, Tier VIII, Medium Tank

Even though it's a tank destroyer, it's a medium tank in the game.

Description: Early project for a new tank destroyer was introduced by the company AMX in 1946. Powerful engine and low weight were to ensure good mobility and 90mm gun with a mechanized ammo rack was to ensure good rate of fire. However, large size and quite thin armor and very complex and expensive design caused this vehicle not to be approved. Existed only in drawings.


Hitpoints: 1400

Engine: 1200hp

Weight: 34 tons

Power-to-weight: 35,29 hp/t

Maximum speed: 57/13 km/h

Hull traverse: 34 deg/s

Terrain resistance: 0,767/0,863/1,726

Hull armor: 30/20/?

Turret armor: 30/20/?

Gun: 90mm

Damage: 240

Penetration: 212

DPM: 2087,5

ROF: 8,69

Accuracy: 0,336

Aimtime: 2,01s

Depression: -10

Turret traverse: 33,4

Viewrange: 390

Radiorange: 750

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