French, Premium?, Tier VII, Light Tank


Max health: 880

Max weight: 16.45 tons

Max speed: 61/23

Hull armor: 50/20/15

Turret armor: 40/20/20

Radio range: 750 m

View range: 385 m

Turret traverse: 42 deg/s

Engine: SOFAM 8 Gxb

Power: 250 hp

Fire starting chance: 20%

Power-to-weight: 17.33 hp/t

Chassis traverse: 40 deg/s

Terrain resistance: 0.9/1/1.6

Movement dispersion: 0.24

Gun: 57 mm L/100

Damage: 90/90

Penetration: 143/195 (AP/APCR)

Module damage: 76

Clip size: 8

Clip reload time: 18, in-clip: 1.5

Accuracy: 0.37

Aiming time: 2.3

Ammo: 56

Elevation: -6/+12 front, -6/+10 side, -6/+8 back

Gun traverse dispersion: 0.12

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